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Statement from the Guru

October 26, 2006

I am a Spiritual Teacher and Guru for certain embodied disciples living in the 21st century. My part of the working out of the greater Plan is focused on the linear time frame of the years 2000 to 2500.

My purpose focuses on areas of interest that will provide me with the subject matter for my teachings on this website. You may look for clues within those teachings about my purpose, for they are certainly there.

I am currently gathering around me a group of disciples and Initiates who will support my work as it manifests and develops in the physical world.

Due to the nature of my work with the Spiritual Hierarchy, it is not to the benefit of the world that I reveal my true name at this time. This has been a common occurrence throughout the ages: at the proper time, my identity will be revealed.

Read my words, take them for what they are, and make your own determination about the value they may have for you. If you have "stumbled" upon this website, there is a very good chance you will find what I have to say quite valuable, along with the other teachings and writings you will find here. If someone referred or directed you here, bless them, for they are most likely, like myself, in service to the Brotherhood of Light.

Understand that I serve as an unwavering source of widsom and light in a troubled world. With that I say,

JEAN TEETERS (ladyjean)
Statement from the Creator of This Website

June 10, 2005

I am but a fellow disciple who has dedicated the bulk of this life to the conscious development of a Spiritually-based reality; one who is ever seeking forward movement on the Path which we all most certainly tread.

My work is that of being a communicator of Higher Knowledge to all those who have sought such within my sphere of movement, be they conscious or unconscious in their search for Truth and Understanding.

I devoted a good portion of my life to a specific type of ‘esoteric’ training, in preparation for the work that would need to be done at the turn of the century and on into the new millineum; although for the majority of that time I did not know precisely for what I was being trained.

I toiled for many years at what I now call ‘my scibbling down of words’; but those efforts were not destined to reach beyond my closest circle of friends and acquaintances. Despite that limitation, the effort was surely worthwhile, and some did appear to garner seeds of Truth from the association.

Today, due to the high technology of the Digital Age, I have been called upon to bring forth a certain collection of information through this website. I do this with no focused expectation; yet I have the awareness that the words presented here can reach anyone and everyone currently incarnated on the planet, limited only by the choice of each individual to ‘happen upon’ this particular piece of cyberspace, or not.

Let God’s Will be done: here, and in all things that are manifested on Earth.

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